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We interrupt our regular programming

This blog is not intended to discuss my personal situation, but since it may influence what I write about and how comrades want to approach it, I suppose I should tell you that I resigned from the International Socialist Organization (ISO) on August 29. I had been a member since the first week of September 1998, putting me just several days short of my 15-year silver pin. (Note to sectarians: there is no such pin.)

I remain a supporter of the ISO’s political tradition and agree with most of its positions on present-day politics, especially its rejection of US imperialism and the Democratic Party. I wish the best for the group, which I continue to believe is the finest socialist organization in the US today, whatever problems it may (ie, does) have.

Unfortunately my position as a member in the Boston district/branch became impossible. Since I have deliberately avoided introducing local issues into broad public discussion, I do not intend to discuss the circumstances of my resignation here or in other public venues (although my Facebook friends can easily look up the background material). Of course if such things are made public by others, I may be compelled to respond publicly.

I will continue to write and to be active locally, only now as an independent (sigh) socialist.

Our regular programming will resume shortly.

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