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It says nothing to me about my life

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I dislike commenting on Žižek as a rule because I feel that, no matter what I say, I’m bound to get in trouble with someone that I respect. When I praise him, some comrades think I’m nuts for liking this Lacano-Maoist whack-a-doo. When I trash him, it proves to different comrades that I’m just another dreadfully boring Trotskyite stick-in-the-mud. I suppose if I were a liberal, I would, like Obama, take the fact that I’m pissing everyone off as evidence that I’m doing the right thing. I can certainly see the comfort in that. But as Luther would have said, had he lived in the 21st century: “Here I blog; I can do no other.”

Žižek’s essay on the London riots has made a bit of a splash on the left, and it drew an unusually cranky reply from Marxmail’s Louis Proyect. Now those who are familiar with Proyect’s writings–which I like and recommend–will realize that an unusually cranky reply from Proyect is, like, preternaturally cranky. As in, like, declaring the latter half of the article sufficiently “flatulent” not to merit a reply. Hmm. It probably would have helped if Proyect realized that Žižek’s title was a joking reference to a Smiths song, not a programmatic statement. Or very possibly that would have made things worse. In any event, I actually thought the part Proyect passed over was the really interesting point.

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