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It takes a nation of flunkies to hold us back

September 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Having been out of town and not posting for a week, I see that the blog’s readership has settled down to a nice equilibrium: zero. So, time to make the donuts.

Today my special friend is Sam Webb, the General Secretary of the Communist Party USA. I am a regular reader of their newspaper (ie, “central organ”) People’s World. This often surprises comrades, who wonder if it doesn’t indicate some kind of political masochism. Well, yes, but I also think PW is an important paper. Not because the CP is very important, but because it says openly and “theoretically” what left-liberalism only thinks or does “pragmatically.” (This is rather a holdover from old-fashioned Leninism, this notion that you have to justify what you do.)

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